Business Software

The App Lab core competency lies in developing business automation software. We offer customized solutions tailored specifically for your requirements. Be in any function of your organization, such as inventory management, accounts and finance, resource planning, customer service management, sales force management, delivery channels management or any other, we develop automated systems which simply your work and improve efficiencies.
Integrated business software development at enterprise-level encompassing all core and support business activities is also developed. Using these software, you will be:

  • 1.Able to work more easily.
  • 2.Able to plan resources better.
  • 3.Operate more efficiently.
  • 4.Get timely notice of shortages and wastages.
  • 5.Generate MIS reports for aiding business analysis.
  • 6.Handle teams better.
  • 7.Handle vendors and customers better.
  • 8.nsure greater coordination among different functions.
Business Software

Web Development

We undertake web development as a key part of our services. Under this business segment, we develop websites and mobile applications. Mobile applications are developed on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems. Trendy designs using contemporary technologies and scalable on different devices is our forte. We are adept at developing ecommerce websites, application program integration, responsive and mobile websites and content management system based website development. Our development initiatives focuson:

  • 1. Making Professional and attractive websites.
  • 2. Delivering High performance.
  • 3. Using Latest technologies.
  • 4. Cognitive designing.
  • 5. Ensuring High conversion.
  • 6. Brand cohesiveness.
  • 7. Device scalability.
  • 8. Optimization for web marketing
  • 9. Security of data and information.
Web Development

Apps Development

AppLabs offers mobile application development services for all major mbile development operating systems. Android, iOS, Blackberry and Wndows are the major operating system platforms on which mobile.
devices run and we develop applications for these platforms. We specialise in development of highly customized Mobile Apps specific for our business operations, such as for customer support technicians,
sales personnel, process automation, real time reporting, etc.

  • Is compatible with most of handsets.
  • Has user-friendly interface.
  • Does not occupy much of storage space.
  • Is installed within seconds.
  • Functions without hassles.
Apps Development

Digital Marketing

AppLabs has also ventured into the domain of digital marketing. As a part f this service, we offer diverse online marketing solutions. Keeping yourbusiness objectives in view, we develop an online marketing strategy todeliver the best return on investment. Our expertise in this domain is infollowing areas of web marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Hiking your ranks on Google forkeywords which are important for your business.
  • Google Adwords: Using paid means, we aim to quickly make youronline presence felt and spread the word around for your offers.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We also use the traffic of other sites to makeyour website visible by entering into affiliate agreements on yourbehalf.
  • Email Marketing: Our email marketing services expand your reachto newer customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and manyother social media resources are used for developing your brandidentity as well as for achieving business objectives..

All these initiatives are undertaken in well-planned manner to ensure thatright message is conveyed to people at the right time.

Digital Marketing