DESIGN:पहला कदम (The first step)

1. Meet with the clients:

The first and foremost step for any successful business relationship is face to face communication. We begin our work by engaging with clients and understanding their needs and discussing their ideas. Brainstorming is the most important part of initial phase of any project and that is what we insist on doing with our prospective clients.

2. Project planning:

After a thorough understanding of the needs of the clients and taking into consideration the time limit, the budget, etc. we put together a rough plan of the projects and discuss it with our teams and our clients.

3. Wire framing:

Our next approach is to convert that rough plan into a solid wireframe. The blueprints of the projects are created very carefully as these would act as the underlay of the projects and all further steps would be taken on their basis. Also, these final projects blueprints are then shared with clients to get final nod.


Develop:मध्य चरण( The Mid Phase)

1. Obligating the team:

The first step of the mid phase is to make an approach team of skilled individuals keeping in mind the requirements of the project. This is done by through sessions of brainstorming with all the employees and dedicating them the tasks to be done as per their skills and expertise. The team is then made accustomed to the client so as to keeping the channels of communication open throughout the project.

2. Apt. Resources:

The next step is to arrange for all the necessary technology, softwares and other suitable and get ready resources that are required for the completion of the project. This is again done by keeping in mind the client’s need, budget and the time available.

3. Execution:

The last step of the phase is successful enactment and execution of the plan, so as to achieve a positive and satisfactory outcome making use of all the necessary resources available. This is where most of the times is consumed and a lot of hard work is put in.


Deploy:अंतिम चरण(The Final Phase)

1. Trial:

After the successful execution of the project, it is then put to the test. It goes through several kinds of tests to determine the short comings and to rectify them, if there are any.

2. Know-hows:

Team of individuals is then sent to the clients to brief them on the basic techniques of handling and working on the website, software, app or whatever the project was. This is done to enable the clients to make good use and reap benefits from our work and to further enhance the credibility of their business.

3. Support throughout and after:

We keep open all the channels of communications with our clients by staying constantly in touch with them and sharing informations about their work throughout the project. And not only that, we offer full support to all our clients even after the projects is finished and help them continuously in making their business grow.
We always believe in maintain long term relationships with our clients.

1. HUMILITY:विनम्रता

We as a group of individuals in our company embrace humility. We don’t take pride in false work and as a result all of our employees are open to receiving feedback, trying new ideas and willing to learn from others

2. HONESTY:ईमानदारी

We create a culture that rewards and promote honesty in our company. All the teams in our company are open and honest to each other’s and as well as to clients which helps in sorting out the differences of opinion in a very professional way.


We make personal commitments to our clients. We hold ourselves responsible for keeping those promises. We make and support decision through experience and good judgment and built trust by delivering on our promises.


We work as one even though there are many individuals in different teams doing different work, we make sure that we communication the tasks, the problems, the remedies and help each other when necessary.
And the same goes with our clients. We keep them updated at each and every phase of their work.

5. RESPECT:आदर करना

Value every voice, we treat others as we expect to be treated. We know that no one knows it all. We embrace each individuals experience and expertise by operating in a spirit of cooperation and valuing human dignity

6. TRUSTWORTHY:भरोसेमंद

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees and clients. We don’t leave any of our clients in the middle of the project and keep your confidential info to ourselves. We make sure that your project is of highest standard.

7. STRESS FREE WORK ENVIRONMENT:तनाव मुक्त कार्य वातावरण

We believe that a stress free workplace say act as a great factor for motivation for the employees. Friendly working atmosphere greatly contributes towards improving the overall performance of the employees. We ensure that our employees get a working environment that focuses creative thinking where their thoughts can come to surface. Also, some creative and fun activities like offsite trip set are regularly organized to achieve the stress less efficiency.

8. CLIENT SATISFACTION:ग्राहक संतुष्टि

Serving our client is our highest priority. Everything we do serves this purpose directly or indirectly. We respect our clients, understand their needs and wants, and do our best to fulfill them through the services we deliver. We are totally dedicated to satisfying and honoring commitments the we have made. Each happy and satisfied client is a milestone for The App Lab.

9. CLIENT VALUE CREATION:ग्राहक मूल्य सृजन

We play fair, we play hard, & we play to win. At every phase of the project, we make sure that we have the right resources and the right team with the right plan. Our main aim always is to take the business of our clients to a new high by delivering what is desired for. We ensure long term relationships with our clients by walking alongside them and by creating a responsive and relevant business environment.

10. PATIENCE:धीरज

As the saying goes, “All good things come to those who wait”. Patience is a very important factor for longevity of client relationship and progress.
We create an environment where our employees balance the need for speed with the long term approach to reach our goals. All our employees are mature enough to understand different needs of different clients at different times.


PUNCTUALITY:समय की पाबंदी

Small company but big in performance. We believe it’s not about “work hard, play hard” but “work efficiency and play accordingly. We use proficient processes and flawless management to deliver in timely manner your project.



Just as we understand business, we understand technology. Be it App development or web & software services, our priorities, rest in full security and quality assurance.



We treat each project as a process with many steps along the way. At each of these steps and even after that we need your constant feedback.
A collaborative approach is very important for long term business relationships and we plan to keep the lines of communication always open to discuss about marketing, support & maintenance.



The best products are the ones that succeed in the long run. We place particular attention on marketing, promotion & user from the very start of every project thus giving, you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets by establishing a significant and differentiated presence.



Because we are a reputed company that works with a large number of business, The App Lab have a team of highly skilled people, who are specialists in their field. We have different teams responsible for planning, designing, building, customization, and promotion. And the result always is one awesome website (App) software for your business.



A customer is satisfied only when the whole process of services and the final product match his expectations and are worth the time & money that has been put in. We at The App Lab put users first, we exude passion, we innovate, we take ownership, we collaborate, we inspire, we go above and beyond, we be transparent, we stay humble and more importantly, we make it fun.